Zappa at the vet’s

The other day we had to go to the emergency with Zappa since he had problem peeing. At first I wasn’t that worried but after speaking with the vet and some googling I was sure that this is the end for Zappa. If we are lucky a penis amputation could save him. PENIS AMPUTATION! Well this is what happens when you google diseases.

When we arrived they immediately examined Zappa but since it didn’t seem like he had a life threatening condition we had to sit and wait for a while. It’s quite funny to have a sphynx. People in the waiting room laughed at him, pointed at him and burst out “Ooooh!”. Probably because their own animals were such boring and ugly creatures.

The veterinarian didn’t like him much. She called him a “Slippery eel” and seemed to think that he was quite annoying. He wasn’t. He was the best cat in the world, like he always is. But the vet didn’t agree, quickly put a needle in his neck and sedated him.

This is what he looked like.

Hahaha!! Isn’t he the most fantastic cat? I can’t stop laughing at him. Felt like a lousy human to Zappa but even during his examination I couldn’t stop laughing and took lots of picture of my poor cat. Tried to pull out his tongue for an even better photo but Dan wouldn’t let me. We also found out that Zappa had an extremely small penis and the vet had lots of problem taking urine samples from him. Well after a while they had their samples and didn’t find anything unusual (but we are waiting for the results of some of the other test that they couldn’t determine at the time) so they gave him an injection with adrenaline, or something like that, so he would wake up. “Wake up”. He didn’t quite wake up for lots of hours. And he couldn’t close his mouth during these hours either…

On monday we have another appointment. Let’s all hope that he’s well, that he won’t die nor amputate his little penis and that they will have to sedate him again so that I can take some more photos.

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