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This is my YouTube show called The Coffee Maker Chef (“Kaffekokarkocken” in Swedish)! I’m one of seven food profiles in Sweden that are a part of a big food project on YouTube called Food Club.

I think it’s hilarious that the other profiles are top notch food masters (with gold in the Olympic Games of food and stuff like that) and then it’s me. Only a  couple of years ago asked my friend what the cooking time of an avocado was.

I talk Swedish in all of the episodes but the come with subtitles. It would be so cool if you will subscribe, there will be lots of fun and crazy recipes (new episodes every other monday) and of course all of the cats are in the show as well. 

First I give you…


Testicle Tacos

Then there is one of my favorite recipe so far – TESTICLE TACOS.

Fish and shellfish soup

Next episode is how to cook a Fishy coffee maker made soup.


Of course you must know how to cook Pizza with a coffee maker – I’ll teach you how in this episode.

Flying Jakob

Flying Jakob is one of my favorite dishes, if you like bananas in food you should really try it.

More to come… 

Is there anything you would like me to prepare in the show? Let me know!

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