Watch Virtually Famous!

This is definitely the best panel show ever. You’ve got to see it! As I told you a while back I was invited as a “Mystery Guest”… Ah, just watch the show HERE and see for your self what happens.  If you can’t see the show just OK the stuff on this site ( and then try again.

coffee machine cuisine

“IS SHE A CAT?!” -Chris Ramsey

meowtfit of the day

“You told me to smell her!”

meowtfit of the day

“This one’s actually quite sexy. If that was on Tinder I would swipe right.” – Kevin McHale

cats wearing tights

Look! I got the title once again!

As you can see it was my cat Gucci and our blog Meowtfit of the day (that started the Cats wearing tights trend (sorry for that)) I talked about.

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