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My name is Katja and I’m the Swedish coffee maker chef, or as we say in Sweden – “Kaffekokarkock” (it even says so on my business card). I live with my boyfriend Dan (who takes all of the great pictures for this blog) in Gothenburg and we have three cats, Gucci, Iggy and Zappa. Yup, we are a crazy cat couple.


This is the story of this blog.

I used to live in a dorm back in 2009 and I didn’t have a kitchen in my room. But since my grandma recently died I had her old coffee maker there. One day I tried to make the typical student food, noodles, in the coffee maker and it worked perfectly! Until that day I never liked to cook but then and there I wanted to try what other recipes I could make in the coffee maker. Now many years have gone by and I’ve cooked pizzas, pastas, cat food (of course), shellfish soup, testicle tacos (this was really a good one), cakes, breads, burgers, Swedish meatballs, pig tail soup… Pretty much everything in my old coffee maker. 

I met Dan when my coffee maker experiment was about half a year old. Fortunate for me he thought it was a fun experiment and since he’s an excellent photographer and designer we also created and published a book on the subject called Kaffekokarkokboken. is the Swedish version of Coffee machine cuisine on which I’ve been blogging since that spring in the dorm back in 2009.

cooking with your coffee maker

cooking with your coffee maker

The Swedish book Kaffekokarkokboken

I love to use nasty looking ingredients that looks cool rather than taste good. Oh! The Swedish version of the blog  won Food Blog of the Year in Sweden 2010 and the book gets loads of great reviews. Maybe the recipes aren’t the most tasty ones but that’s not really the point. It’s supposed to be more of a creative, feel good thing and encourage people to have fun and do whatever makes them happy.

Cat stuff and cooking in my coffee maker are a couple of my things.

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  1. I love your blog! I found it because of the article in “The Atlantic” and now I’m hooked :) My daughter and I live in a very non-progressive town in Indiana (USA) and we have 2 cats: Oprah and Horrible. I think my cats are the most beautiful cats in the world, but I guess all cat parents think that. My ex-husband got the coffee maker in the divorce so we don’t have a coffee maker. But perhaps we will buy one now that I know I can make delicious dishes with a coffee maker. I just have 2 cats so I don’t have a cat to spare for the cat recipe, but perhaps I can substitute a squirrel? I would probably need 3 squirrels to equal the meat of 1 cat. There are many squirrels in my yard and they look delicious. Thank you for being so brilliant and I can’t wait to read more of your lovely blog.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Oprah and Horrible are great names, haha! And cool to hear that we have one thing in common – we own the most beautiful cats in the world. :)

      Iggy was quite petite so I think 2 squirrels are enough. Good luck!

  2. I came across your blog and I kinda like the idea. I was really expecting more of a site for selling coffee machines but you turned it into a fun loving recipe stuff.

    Gotta admit I wasn’t expecting this but it’s nice anyway. Keep up the work.

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