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Open faced easter sandwiches

cooking with your coffee maker


  • 2 hours


(approx. 6 sandwiches)
  • 12 eggs (6 eggs for decoration)
  • 1 dl mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp sour cream
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 carrot
  • Some ham
  • Horseradish
  • A dash of lemon juice
  • Caprice
  • 1 avocado
  • A couple of radishes
  • 1 tsp of Scanian mustard (or some other kind if you’re not from Skåne and have a scanian mustard addiction like I do)
  • Chives
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Lettuce
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Beetroot salad


Place eggs in coffee maker can, water into the brewer and start your coffee maker. Cook until the eggs are very hard boiled – at least for a good hour. Meanwhile peel, grate, chop and slice all of the other ingredients. Drain water and put the eggs in cold water for a short while. Turn off coffee maker. Crack egg shells and carefully peel the eggs. Mix eggs with the other ingredients (except for salad, bread, butter and beetroot salad).

Butter a slice of bread, add egg/ham salad, place a couple of lettuce leaves and finish with the egg decor. I made a little egg baby bunny and a chick. The ears of the bunny is a sliced carrot, the nose a piece of radish, the eyes are caprices and chives for whiskers. For the chick I cut a jagged line around the top of the egg. Be sure just to cut the white part of the egg so that it will look like it’s hatching. For eyes I used red onion and the beak and feet are pieces of carrots.
easter eggs

Make sure the hot water cover all of the eggs…

...just like this!

…just like this!

This is my favorite decoration. A cutesie little baby bunny that just got her head blown off. The brain substance is beet root salad.

This is my favorite decoration. A cutesie little baby bunny that just got her head blown off by a hunter. The brain substance is beet root salad. Yum!

Photo: Dan Sörensen.

How to cook food with your coffee maker

Now I’ll show you some basic instructions in how you can cook your food in the coffee maker!

Coffee maker cooking

Of course it’s possible to cook stuff in a coffee maker. Some of you probably prefer to cook your coffee but you can do lots of other stuff as well. The fastest way is when you just uses water to cook in. Put the ingredients in the can and water in the brewer. Then the ingredients will start to cook. Yeah, it will take some time but it works.
coffee maker cooking

Coffee maker cooking

If you’re going to make liquid stuff that contains other ingredients than water it takes a more time. For example spaghetti sauce, creamy soups or caramel have to be warmed up from the heater, you can’t put those liquids in the brewer. Think about that so you don’t cook very big portions. It will take forever.
coffee maker cooking

Coffee maker made avocado soup 

You get the basic cooking in the can part now, don’t you? 

Coffee maker frying

Some things should be well done, or close to well done, when it’s served. The best example must be chicken, but also bacon and other meat. Even things like pancakes that’s not supposed to be doughy. And bread! 
With or without butter/oil put the stuff directly on the heater and then wait. Bacon takes for example around 45 minutes to cook.
coffee machine cuisine

Don’t forget to turn the food around every now and then, otherwise it will burn.

Clear as a cristal! Or “Klart som korvspad” like we say in Sweden.

Coffee maker can frying

If you don’t have to fry stuff really hard then can frying is a good option. It is exactly what it sounds like, you fry things in the can. It’s not as sticky as frying directly on the heater and easier to clean. But only for things that don’t need a roasting surface. If you are going to fry vegetables this is a good choice.
coffee machine cuisine

Coffee maker can frying

I think we can call this the basics in coffee maker cooking. Did I mention that it takes a long time? I think so but it’s worth mentioning again.

Some other fun tips

coffee machine cuisine

This part is perfect for mussels steaming (if you cook the water through the brewer).

how to cook food with your coffee maker

The mussel steamer also works as a strainer. Or to put spices in.

coffee machine cuisine

Just clean the can and heater like you clean your other food cooking instruments. Don’t forget to pull out the cable first (when you wash the heater in the sink).

how to cook food with your coffee maker

The can is also warm and comfy to sleep on when the christmas caramel takes a forever to cook…

Well I think that’s enough for now! Some other day I’ll show you how to cook with a dishwasher, iron, toaster, waffling iron, hair curler, hair straightener etc. Yup those are some of the other things I’ve been cooking on.
coffee maker cooking

“Teh meat smells purrfect!”

Happy coffee maker cooking!

Photos: Dan Sörensen.

The idea

My name is Katja and I’m the Swedish coffee maker chef, or as we say in Sweden – “Kaffekokarkock” (it even says so on my business card). I live with my boyfriend Dan (who takes all of the great pictures for this blog) in Gothenburg and we have three cats, Gucci, Iggy and Zappa. Yup, we are a crazy cat couple.


This is the story of this blog.

I used to live in a dorm back in 2009 and I didn’t have a kitchen in my room. But since my grandma recently died I had her old coffee maker there. One day I tried to make the typical student food, noodles, in the coffee maker and it worked perfectly! Until that day I never liked to cook but then and there I wanted to try what other recipes I could make in the coffee maker. Now many years have gone by and I’ve cooked pizzas, pastas, cat food (of course), shellfish soup, testicle tacos (this was really a good one), cakes, breads, burgers, swedish meatballs, pig tail soup… Pretty much everything in my old coffee maker. 

I met Dan when my coffee maker experiment was about half a year old. Fortunate for me he thought it was a fun experiment and since he’s an excellent photographer and designer we also created and published a book on the subject called Kaffekokarkokboken. Kaffekokarkokboken.blogg.se is the Swedish version of Coffee machine cuisine on which I’ve been blogging since that spring in the dorm back in 2009.

cooking with your coffee maker

cooking with your coffee maker

The Swedish book Kaffekokarkokboken

I love to use nasty looking ingredients that looks cool rather than taste good. Oh! The Swedish version of the blog  won Food Blog of the Year in Sweden 2010 and the book gets loads of great reviews. Maybe the recipes aren’t the most tasty ones but that’s not really the point. It’s supposed to be more of a creative, feel good thing and encourage people to have fun and do whatever makes them happy.

Cat stuff and cooking in my coffee maker are a couple of my things.