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How to poach an egg with a coffee maker – VIDEO

The coffee maker is also a perfect device to poach your eggs with, I’ll show you that in this YouTube episode of The Coffee Maker Chef. And – FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF COFFEE MACHINE CUISINE – I’ll show you the traditional way of cooking your coffee with a coffee maker.


And, as always, I speak Swedish but it comes with English subtitles.

How to cook a birthday cake for cats – VIDEO!

Haha, this is my favorite video recipe so far. We had so much fun when we filmed it, I almost puked a numerous of times, the poor photographer couldn’t escape the disgusting smell, Zappa was all over the place, Gucci was depressed (but I cheered her up with a party hat on top of her cone of shame) and Iggy almost died (fortunately that was edited).


cooking with your coffee maker


  • 3 hours (including cooling)


  • 1 bowl of dry foods
  • 1 pkg. of liver pâté
  • Some sheets of ham
  • Wet food
  • Shrimps
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Cat treats


Add the dry food into the carafe and pour water into the brewer. Start your coffee maker and cook it until the dry food loosen up properly. Season with shrimps, stir and drain extra water if needed. Add an egg yolk and stir some more. Turn off your coffee maker.

Wrap the inside of an heart formed bowl (or whatever form you got) with cling film (this will make it easier to remove cake from bowl) and add some of the dry food mixture in the bottom. Layer with ham, shrimps, wet food, more dry food mixture, cat treats or other stuff that your cat fancies. Let the cake cool and stiff for a while in the freezer.

Remove the cake from the bowl and remove the cling film. Frost the cake with liver pâté and decorate it with cat treats, garlic press pressed pâté and top with a flower of ham.

Serve the cake accompanied with a bowl of yummy cat milk.


how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

how to cook food with your coffee maker

How to cook Swedish Meatballs with your Coffee Maker – VIDEO!

Swedish meatballs are the greatest. And you shouldn’t try to make them from scratch. Buy prepared ones and they will taste much better, like the ones at IKEA. The meatballs must be served with mashed potatoes and lots of lingonberries.

Of course I have made both home made meatballs, lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes with my coffee maker but I reckon I should show you a really simple recipe (although I obviously had some trouble making it as you can see in the clip…) for all of you students out there! This was one of my favorite dishes to prepare when I lived in that dorm in the beginning of my coffee maker experiment.

And please subscribe to my show The Coffee Maker Chef! I’ve seen some upcoming clips and it’s going to be sooo awesome weird.

How to cook Flying Jakob with a Coffee Maker – VIDEO

Have you ever eaten Flying Jakob? Before I met Dan I ate it all the time. It was one of the few dishes I knew by heart and liked to prepare before I started to cook with my coffee maker (I didn’t really cook back then at all). But since Dan has a bizarre thing against bananas I don’t cook or eat it any more (except this time recently for my web show). He absolutely hates bananas. I love bananas and especially on pizzas. I wanted to test Dan’s banana hate, because I thought he faked it, so I put just a mini piece of banana under some meat on his pizza. I mean, come on!? How bad could it be? Can you really hate a banana? Just too weird.

Well… Some people definitely hates bananas and he is obviously one of them, I know that for sure now. He got furious and spat everything out on MY pizza and then went to the toilet and almost puked.

This is how you cook Flying Jakob with your coffee maker. If you like bananas I hope you will try and cook it, it’s super tasty!

And my web show comes with subtitles now – check it out! 


  • 5 hours


  • 1 plate of chicken
  • 1 plate of bacon
  • 2 ½ dl cream
  • 3 tbsp chili sauce
  • A lot of ketchup
  • 1 banana
  • A lot of sweet chili sauce
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 2 tsp tomato paste
  • Peanuts
  • Chili powder
  • Chili Salt
  • Pepper
  • Rice


Start the coffee maker. Place bacon on the heater and fry it for like 45 minutes, it should get really crispy and golden. Replace bacon with chicken pieces and fry it throughly so you won’t get sick or die.

Once you are done with this it’s time to cook the rice. But first you must remove the chicken, turn off and unplug the coffee maker and wash the plate.

Place the rice in the coffee maker carafe, pour water into the brewer and salt into the filter thingy. Plug in and start your coffee maker again and let it cook until it’s ready. Stir every now and then so the rice won’t stick. Pour the rice in a bowl and place foil over it. Wash the coffee maker carafe.

Slice the banana and mix it with the rest of the ingredients (not bacon nor rice) into the carafe. Cook until it gets really warm and stir occasionally. Season with salt and plenty of pepper. Turn off your coffee maker.

Pour the mess over the rice and top with bacon and some more peanuts. Enjoy!

how to cook food with a coffee maker

How to cook bacon with a coffee maker.

how to cook food with a coffee maker

Don’t forget to stir or it will stick like hell.

how to cook food with a coffee maker

How to cook Flying Jakob with a coffee maker.

how to cook food with a coffee maker


Photo: Dan Sörensen.

I’ve got my own cooking show!

Finally I’m allowed to tell you all what I’ve kept a secret this whole spring. I’m one of seven food profiles in Sweden that are a part of a big food project on YouTube called Food Club.

I think it’s hilarious that the other profiles are top notch food masters (with gold in the Olympic Games of food and stuff like that) and then it’s me. Only a  couple of years ago asked my friend what the cooking time of an avocado was.

I talk Swedish in all of the episodes but they are working on the subtitles as I write this. But I think you will get the hang of it anyway. It would be so cool if you will subscribe, there will be lots of fun and crazy recipes and of course all of the cats are in the show as well. You will find the trailer and two of the episodes here – youtube.com/kaffekokarkocken


KATJA WULFF – Coffee Maker Chef/Crazy Cat Lady

Late evening yesterday (Swedish time) me and Gucci were invited to a studio in Gothenburg for an interview with Weekend Sunrise – the number one rating weekend breakfast television program in Australia. It was lots of fun (and a bit confusing sometimes due to time delay…)!

We talked about Coffee Machine Cuisine and Gucci’s blog Meowtfit of the day. I nearly exploded with happiness when I saw my title in the clip.


!!! Haha…

The fact that my name Katja Wulff is pronounced Catch a Wolf is mind blowing. Never thought of that once in my 32 year old life.

weekend sunrise

CATCH A WOLF – Coffee Maker Chef/Crazy Cat Lady

coffee machine cuisine

GUCCI THE CAT – Cat Of The Year 2013/Fashionista/It Model

cooking with a coffee maker

Outside SVT before the interview.

The coffee maker chef that loves balloons and cats

Yes, that what this article in GP (Sweden’s second largest morning paper) says! And it’s about why I started to cook food in my coffee maker, my “day job” as a balloon artist and the blog about our cat Gucci that started the Cats wearing tights trend.

how to cook food in a coffee maker


I love my title – “Kaffekokarkock” = Coffee maker chef.