Swedish Mud Cake Day

I often get the question if I sometimes fail at doing a recipe with my coffee maker. I’ve always answered “No, I can cook everything with my coffee maker.”. I lie. First of all, I’m not a great chef and my over all cooking skills is kind of limited, but the things I do try and cook with my coffee maker I most often pull off.

Today Facebook exploded with Swedish mud cake recipes since it’s the Swedish Mud Cake Day. I got reminded of the mud cake experiment I had a couple of years ago. This is the only recipe (that I remember) that I couldn’t pull.

I really do believe though that if I try cooking a mud cake today – I will make it work.

swedish mud cake

You can have a look at the recipe on my Swedish blog. But since it’s my worst recipe I won’t bother to translate it. I also think those pictures speak for themselves.

One thought on “Swedish Mud Cake Day

  1. Hi there! New reader here. I just love your blog. I keep on admiring how smart you are. Well, I live in dorm currently and my rice cooker “had been taken into custody” last week by the warden as we basically cannot cook here. But what else I can do. The foods at school cafe mostly suck and pricey. I am thinking on camouflaging my new coffee maker as regular water pot (of course the heating part will be hidden at the place no one but me could find). Just to let you know, you just save my life! I can eat and sleep better after this.

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