YAAAAY! On sunday Roskilde Festival opens. I can’t wait! We’re driving down south to Lund and Malmö tomorrow and will leave the cats with Dan’s brother and his family. And I’m going to spend some time with my niece, Thilde. This is Thilde.

how to cook food with a coffee maker

The Swedish Mini Coffee Maker Chef <3 Of course she’s wearing her best cat tee whilst cooking with her coffee maker that auntie gave her. Her favorite book is this one, we read it every time we see each other. 

Since my brother and his wife are going to a wedding it’s finally all clear for me and Thilde to cook with their beautiful Mocca Master! (To my brother: NO, I’M JUST KIDDING!!! I KNOW I’M NOT ALLOWED TO COOK WITH YOUR FREKKIN MOCCA MASTER! Chill.)

Anyway… On sunday we’re going to Roskilde and have an amazing week with lots of great music, friends, weirdness and food of course. This is how you cook my favorite festival food with a coffee maker. Canned ravioli! Since I can’t bring my coffee maker to Roskilde I will probably eat this cold every day (too lazy to heat it on the camping area).


cooking with a coffee maker


  • ≥ 0 sec


  • 1 can of ravioli


Start your coffee maker and add the ravioli into the carafe. Heat as long as you cope and serve the food directly from the can. Turn off the coffee maker.

cooking with a coffee maker

Yum? Yum!

cooking with a coffee maker

Canned pea-soup is also great festival food, and then there’s Dan’s favorite – white beans. Too bad that Dan is sooo picky and always want to heat the food before eating. Yawn.


Serve the cold ravioli with lukewarm 19 dkk wine from Netto. And look at that little armpit vagina! Sweet.

Photo: Dan Sörensen.

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