KATJA WULFF – Coffee Maker Chef/Crazy Cat Lady

Late evening yesterday (Swedish time) me and Gucci were invited to a studio in Gothenburg for an interview with Weekend Sunrise – the number one rating weekend breakfast television program in Australia. It was lots of fun (and a bit confusing sometimes due to time delay…)!

We talked about Coffee Machine Cuisine and Gucci’s blog Meowtfit of the day. I nearly exploded with happiness when I saw my title in the clip.


!!! Haha…

The fact that my name Katja Wulff is pronounced Catch a Wolf is mind blowing. Never thought of that once in my 32 year old life.

weekend sunrise

CATCH A WOLF – Coffee Maker Chef/Crazy Cat Lady

coffee machine cuisine

GUCCI THE CAT – Cat Of The Year 2013/Fashionista/It Model

cooking with a coffee maker

Outside SVT before the interview.

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