How to cook Swedish Pitepalt with a coffee maker

Palt (aka pitepalt), or potato dumplings, is apparently a traditional Swedish dish like meatballs, smorgasbord or blood pudding. I didn’t know much about palt, probably because it’s much more common in the very north of Sweden. Since I’m from the far south I never tried it before I made it in my coffee maker.

Taste wise it’s not my favorite traditional Swedish dish, but it definitely serves it’s purpose. It’s is extremely filling. There’s even an expression called “Paltkoma” (= potato dumpling coma) and I’m not surprised  that expression exists.

cooking with your coffee maker


  • About 2 hours


  • 10-15 small potatoes
  • 1 dl barley flour
  • 0.75 dl flour
  • 3 slices of salted pork
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • Lingonberry jam
  • Salt
  • Butter


Peel the potatoes, shred them and mix with salt and flour into a dough. Divide this and form it into 5 balls. Insert salted pork (that you have divided into squares) into center of each ball. Roll them between palms to enclose the pork completely and form smooth balls.

Pour water into the brewer, salt in the can and start your coffee maker. When the water has gone through the system slowly place the palt balls in the can and coffee maker cook for 1,5 hour. Turn off your coffee maker.

Drain and place the palt on a plate. Serve with lingonberry jam and a big dollop of butter!

cooking with your coffee maker

Shred the potatoes. It should be even better shredded than this, but after a misunderstanding it turned out like this.

cooking with your coffee maker

Moisten your hands and you won’t get sticky fingers.

cooking with your coffee maker


cooking with your coffee maker

Finally five perfect palt balls!

cooking with your coffee maker

How to cook palt, or potato dumplings, with your coffee maker.

Foto: Dan Sörensen.

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