When I competed in the Tapas Swedish Championship…

I’ve made Tapas many times with my coffee maker. One time, a couple of years ago in the beginning of my “cooking career”, I uploaded my tapas recipe for the Swedish Tapas Championship. Didn’t think much of it afterwards since it was a coffee maker cooked tapas that I uploaded just for fun. BUT IT REACHED THE FINALS! So I had to go to Stockholm and prepare my tapas together with a couple of other finalists (they were more or less pros) in a big kitchen. So I stood there with my coffee maker while all of the others used more “traditional” ways to cook their dish. That was so weird.

coffee machine cuisine

Since I had to wait a long time for my tapas to coffee maker cook I just drank loads of wine (it was a wine distributor that arranged the competition = FREE WINE WEHU!)

Then I had to present my dish in front of a jury! They didn’t know that it was cooked with a coffee maker and when I told them they first thought I was a complete moron that made fun of the championship. But after they announced the winner (it wasn’t me) and all of us had a dinner I told them more about my experiment. And they loved it! Or they might also have thought that I was mentally challenged and were just being nice to me.

tapas championship

Just look at them! WEIRD! The guy in red is a former Swedish musician that I had a huge crush on when I was little, that made it even more weird.

squid tapas

It looked kind of nice though, right?

I wasn’t supposed to write about this tapas today. I’ve got a brand new recipe I made a couple of days ago – with great tasting tapas (I’ve learned a lot these past years!). But since I’m going on and on about this dish I might as well continue and that other recipe will have to wait.

The reason why I made this particular tapas was because I fell in love with some squids. Well… Just look at them.

cooking with a coffee maker


So after Dan took some photos of them I had to come up with a recipe. And here it is:

Squid tapas


  • 1 h 30 min


  • Squid
  • Halloumi
  • Red onion
  • Shrimps
  • Lemon salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Butter

I made a sauce as well but it had like two thousand ingredients and didn’t even taste that good. I tried to make some kind of a orange/sweet chili sauce. So serve with a nice orange sauce.


Clean the squid and chop into smaller pieces. Put a piece on a stick, then a piece of onion and halloumi. Repeat until the stick is full and place a shrimp at the end.

Start your coffee maker. Add butter and garlic onto the coffee maker heater and place the squid tapas directly on it. Fry until they get a golden color. Twist and turn the stick every now and then. Season.

Turn off your coffee maker and serve the squid tapas together with (hopefully) a nice and fresh orange sauce.

squid tapas

How to cook squid tapas with a coffee maker.

coffee machine cuisine

The coffee maker chef in action.

squid tapas

Squid tapas!

wille crafoord

Oh yes. He definitely thought I was “different”.

Photo: Dan Sörensen.



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