Zappa the Cat and his sock hat

Zappa likes to hang out the car window with his head, like a dog, when we’re driving around. Especially when we drive off the highway, onto a smaller road when we’re driving to our cabin. He gets stoked every time because he knows exactly where we are and that it’s not far to go before he can proceed with his mouse massacre he has going on there. He notice the road change right away and starts screaming if I don’t open the window. But there is a problem with this, his ears are too big and flutters all the time because of the wind. If we don’t drive super slow he finds it very annoying.

I recently came up with this great idea. A sock hat.

cat in a hat

I cut a small hole in the sock.

Yes, you may think this is a bit crazy. And maybe it is. Zappa wasn’t very happy about it either when I tried the sock hat at home. But last weekend when we went to our cabin, drove off the highway and on to the smaller road he once again started screaming and made me open the window. His big Yoda ears started to flutter as usual and then I put the sock hat on… AND CHECK THIS OUT!

(fitting soundtrack, huh?)

100% flutter free! His little head dangled out the window until his eyes shriveled.

No, they didn’t.

HA! And you know what? We also slowly cruised by a school class with like first graders waiting for the bus. Of course with Zappa’s head outside the window wearing the sock hat. Imagine their reactions…

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