Bob’s World Cat Cafe

I’m honored to say that I’ve got the chance to donate one of my paintings (inspired by Street Cat Bob) to the fundraiser for Bob’s World Cat Café!

All proceeds will go towards building a cat café in London that that will provide a home for homeless, abused or unwanted cats, and a safe haven for people who loved the Street Cat Named Bob series, and other like minded individuals to come in and have tea, coffee and refreshments whilst being surrounded by Cats. This fundraiser is a non-profit campaign and all the profits from the Café will go towards charities.

It’s an acrylic painting called “Bob” inspired by A Street Cat Named Bob. The size of the painting is 60*60 cm (and a couple of cm thick).

Submit your bid here (until 18 april, 14.45 BST).

Thanks! <3

james bowen james bowen

You can find some of my other art here.

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