Bloody Valentine – How to cook three kinds of heart with your coffee maker

Valentine’s Day is called “Alla hjärtans dag” in Sweden and literally that translates “All of the hearts’ day”. So I went and bought three kinds of hearts (didn’t find any more) so it’s not really a “All of the hearts’s day”-recipe, but at least a three hearts’ recipe – lamb, chicken and pig. Well, a four hearts’ recipe if you count the love from your own heart that you’ll put in the making of this dish.

If we put this jibber jabber aside and get to the point. How do you cook heart with a coffee maker? I asked myself that question yesterday and like with the testies recipe I didn’t have a clue. The only thing I knew was that if it taste like liver it’s not right. So when it started to smell like liver during the cooking I got kind of nervous. I don’t know if I imagined the smell, or if the other ingredients hid the taste of liver, because the finished dish didn’t taste like liver.

So, this my friend, is how you cook three different kinds of heart on your coffee maker and make a romantic salad out of it.

coffee machine cuisine


2 hours


1/2 coffee maker plate of pig heart (1 plate is what fits on the coffee maker heater)
1/2 coffee maker plate of lamb heart
1/2 coffee maker plate of chicken hearts
Red chard
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil


Start your coffee maker and heat the butter directly on the plate. Clear away the gory stuff from the hearts and cut into smaller pieces. Coffee maker fry a plate of lamb and pig heart (50 /50) throughly on each side. The time depends on the sizes of the pieces, for me it took approximately 45 minutes. Twist and turn so the hearts wont get burned. Season with love (salt and pepper) .

Replace the lamb and the pig hearts to all the chickens’ hearts you have prepared. Coffee maker cook them exactly the same as the others. Turn of your coffee maker.

Mix the salad with shared mozzarella and pomegranate. Place the hearts on the bed of salad. Top with grated parmesan and crushed walnuts. Drizzle balsamic vinegar and serve.

coffee machine cuisine

There will be blood.

coffee machine cuisine

Burned heart.

coffee machine cuisine

Broken heart.



coffee machine cuisine

I just love to play with my food (while the angels of the lambs, pigs and chickens all hums “Quit playing games with my heart”).

Actually I don’t really care at all about Valentine’s Day. The “usual” celebration of this day anyway. My approach however to the day and my recipe I find is darn good. This is a recipe that contains a lot of hearts (this makes more sense in Sweden because of the Swedish name for Valentine’s – “All of the hearts’ day”)! There is a large surplus of hearts (and other parts of course) after the animals were slaughtered so this is a good day to celebrate the nose to tail eating instead. So from the bottom of my heart I wish you a lovely All of the hearts’ day.

Foto: Dan Sörensen.

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