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Swedish Mud Cake Day

I often get the question if I sometimes fail at doing a recipe with my coffee maker. I’ve always answered “No, I can cook everything with my coffee maker.”. I lie. First of all, I’m not a great chef and my over all cooking skills is kind of limited, but the things I do try and cook with my coffee maker I most often pull off.

Today Facebook exploded with Swedish mud cake recipes since it’s the Swedish Mud Cake Day. I got reminded of the mud cake experiment I had a couple of years ago. This is the only recipe (that I remember) that I couldn’t pull.

I really do believe though that if I try cooking a mud cake today – I will make it work.

swedish mud cake

You can have a look at the recipe on my Swedish blog. But since it’s my worst recipe I won’t bother to translate it. I also think those pictures speak for themselves.