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When I competed in the Tapas Swedish Championship…

I’ve made Tapas many times with my coffee maker. One time, a couple of years ago in the beginning of my “cooking career”, I uploaded my tapas recipe for the Swedish Tapas Championship. Didn’t think much of it afterwards since it was a coffee maker cooked tapas that I uploaded just for fun. BUT IT REACHED THE FINALS! So I had to go to Stockholm and prepare my tapas together with a couple of other finalists (they were more or less pros) in a big kitchen. So I stood there with my coffee maker while all of the others used more “traditional” ways to cook their dish. That was so weird.

coffee machine cuisine

Since I had to wait a long time for my tapas to coffee maker cook I just drank loads of wine (it was a wine distributor that arranged the competition = FREE WINE WEHU!)

Then I had to present my dish in front of a jury! They didn’t know that it was cooked with a coffee maker and when I told them they first thought I was a complete moron that made fun of the championship. But after they announced the winner (it wasn’t me) and all of us had a dinner I told them more about my experiment. And they loved it! Or they might also have thought that I was mentally challenged and were just being nice to me.

tapas championship

Just look at them! WEIRD! The guy in red is a former Swedish musician that I had a huge crush on when I was little, that made it even more weird.

squid tapas

It looked kind of nice though, right?

I wasn’t supposed to write about this tapas today. I’ve got a brand new recipe I made a couple of days ago – with great tasting tapas (I’ve learned a lot these past years!). But since I’m going on and on about this dish I might as well continue and that other recipe will have to wait.

The reason why I made this particular tapas was because I fell in love with some squids. Well… Just look at them.

cooking with a coffee maker


So after Dan took some photos of them I had to come up with a recipe. And here it is:

Squid tapas


  • 1 h 30 min


  • Squid
  • Halloumi
  • Red onion
  • Shrimps
  • Lemon salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Butter

I made a sauce as well but it had like two thousand ingredients and didn’t even taste that good. I tried to make some kind of a orange/sweet chili sauce. So serve with a nice orange sauce.


Clean the squid and chop into smaller pieces. Put a piece on a stick, then a piece of onion and halloumi. Repeat until the stick is full and place a shrimp at the end.

Start your coffee maker. Add butter and garlic onto the coffee maker heater and place the squid tapas directly on it. Fry until they get a golden color. Twist and turn the stick every now and then. Season.

Turn off your coffee maker and serve the squid tapas together with (hopefully) a nice and fresh orange sauce.

squid tapas

How to cook squid tapas with a coffee maker.

coffee machine cuisine

The coffee maker chef in action.

squid tapas

Squid tapas!

wille crafoord

Oh yes. He definitely thought I was “different”.

Photo: Dan Sörensen.



Watch Virtually Famous!

This is definitely the best panel show ever. You’ve got to see it! As I told you a while back I was invited as a “Mystery Guest”… Ah, just watch the show HERE and see for your self what happens.  If you can’t see the show just OK the stuff on this site ( and then try again.

coffee machine cuisine

“IS SHE A CAT?!” -Chris Ramsey

meowtfit of the day

“You told me to smell her!”

meowtfit of the day

“This one’s actually quite sexy. If that was on Tinder I would swipe right.” – Kevin McHale

cats wearing tights

Look! I got the title once again!

As you can see it was my cat Gucci and our blog Meowtfit of the day (that started the Cats wearing tights trend (sorry for that)) I talked about.

How to cook Swedish Meatballs with your Coffee Maker – VIDEO!

Swedish meatballs are the greatest. And you shouldn’t try to make them from scratch. Buy prepared ones and they will taste much better, like the ones at IKEA. The meatballs must be served with mashed potatoes and lots of lingonberries.

Of course I have made both home made meatballs, lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes with my coffee maker but I reckon I should show you a really simple recipe (although I obviously had some trouble making it as you can see in the clip…) for all of you students out there! This was one of my favorite dishes to prepare when I lived in that dorm in the beginning of my coffee maker experiment.

And please subscribe to my show The Coffee Maker Chef! I’ve seen some upcoming clips and it’s going to be sooo awesome weird.