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Zappa the Cat and his sock hat

Zappa likes to hang out the car window with his head, like a dog, when we’re driving around. Especially when we drive off the highway, onto a smaller road when we’re driving to our cabin. He gets stoked every time because he knows exactly where we are and that it’s not far to go before he can proceed with his mouse massacre he has going on there. He notice the road change right away and starts screaming if I don’t open the window. But there is a problem with this, his ears are too big and flutters all the time because of the wind. If we don’t drive super slow he finds it very annoying.

I recently came up with this great idea. A sock hat.

cat in a hat

I cut a small hole in the sock.

Yes, you may think this is a bit crazy. And maybe it is. Zappa wasn’t very happy about it either when I tried the sock hat at home. But last weekend when we went to our cabin, drove off the highway and on to the smaller road he once again started screaming and made me open the window. His big Yoda ears started to flutter as usual and then I put the sock hat on… AND CHECK THIS OUT!

(fitting soundtrack, huh?)

100% flutter free! His little head dangled out the window until his eyes shriveled.

No, they didn’t.

HA! And you know what? We also slowly cruised by a school class with like first graders waiting for the bus. Of course with Zappa’s head outside the window wearing the sock hat. Imagine their reactions…

How to cook Flying Jakob with a Coffee Maker – VIDEO

Have you ever eaten Flying Jakob? Before I met Dan I ate it all the time. It was one of the few dishes I knew by heart and liked to prepare before I started to cook with my coffee maker (I didn’t really cook back then at all). But since Dan has a bizarre thing against bananas I don’t cook or eat it any more (except this time recently for my web show). He absolutely hates bananas. I love bananas and especially on pizzas. I wanted to test Dan’s banana hate, because I thought he faked it, so I put just a mini piece of banana under some meat on his pizza. I mean, come on!? How bad could it be? Can you really hate a banana? Just too weird.

Well… Some people definitely hates bananas and he is obviously one of them, I know that for sure now. He got furious and spat everything out on MY pizza and then went to the toilet and almost puked.

This is how you cook Flying Jakob with your coffee maker. If you like bananas I hope you will try and cook it, it’s super tasty!

And my web show comes with subtitles now – check it out! 


  • 5 hours


  • 1 plate of chicken
  • 1 plate of bacon
  • 2 ½ dl cream
  • 3 tbsp chili sauce
  • A lot of ketchup
  • 1 banana
  • A lot of sweet chili sauce
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 2 tsp tomato paste
  • Peanuts
  • Chili powder
  • Chili Salt
  • Pepper
  • Rice


Start the coffee maker. Place bacon on the heater and fry it for like 45 minutes, it should get really crispy and golden. Replace bacon with chicken pieces and fry it throughly so you won’t get sick or die.

Once you are done with this it’s time to cook the rice. But first you must remove the chicken, turn off and unplug the coffee maker and wash the plate.

Place the rice in the coffee maker carafe, pour water into the brewer and salt into the filter thingy. Plug in and start your coffee maker again and let it cook until it’s ready. Stir every now and then so the rice won’t stick. Pour the rice in a bowl and place foil over it. Wash the coffee maker carafe.

Slice the banana and mix it with the rest of the ingredients (not bacon nor rice) into the carafe. Cook until it gets really warm and stir occasionally. Season with salt and plenty of pepper. Turn off your coffee maker.

Pour the mess over the rice and top with bacon and some more peanuts. Enjoy!

how to cook food with a coffee maker

How to cook bacon with a coffee maker.

how to cook food with a coffee maker

Don’t forget to stir or it will stick like hell.

how to cook food with a coffee maker

How to cook Flying Jakob with a coffee maker.

how to cook food with a coffee maker


Photo: Dan Sörensen.

How to cook Testicle Tacos with your Coffee Maker – VIDEO

Yay! It’s finally Friday and you know what that mean? “Fredagsmys” of course! I blogged about this Swedish phenomena a couple of months ago, will copy/paste that post under this episode of “Kaffekokarkocken” (=”The Coffe Maker Chef”) - my very own food show that I wrote about yesterday.

In this episode I will show you how to cook Testicle Tacos (what all Swedes eat on the Fredagsmys) with your coffee maker. Unfortunately the subtitles are not ready yet, but I think you will get the hang of it. The HANG of it. Get it? Maybe it’s good that the subs are not ready. I live in Gothenburg, a city in Sweden, that is famous for it’s lousy jokes.

Yeye. This is how you cook Testicle Tacos with a coffee maker!

Update: Now with subtitles!

The text under the clip translates “It almost looks like small labia”. It really does at 0.26! 


The “Fredagsmys” (the Cosy Friday) is an important, very swedish, thing. And for some reason tacos is the thing we eat on the Fredagsmys while we cuddle up in our pajamas in the sofas in front of Let’s Dance or Swedish Idol and shows like that. There is even a song about the Fredagsmys that’s annoyingly catchy.

Usually the protein in tacos are minced beef or/and pork but I think it’s important to use as much of the animal as possible (as long as we eat meat it’s stupid not to) so that’s why I used testicles from sheep this time. And also because the testicles looked very sweet and funny when I saw them laying there in the meat counter.

how to cook food in a coffee maker


1.5 hours


  • Sheep testicles (I used 2 testis)
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Oil
  • Taco Shells
  • Cucumber
  • Red onion
  • Paprika
  • Corn
  • Grated cheese
  • Jalapeño
  • Salad
  • Tomato
  • Guacamole (Dan made this, but I guessed he used avocados, garlic, creme fraiche and some lime)
  • Salsa
  • And other stuff that you prefer in your tacos


I knew neither how testicle should taste, how it should look and definitely not how it’s supposed to be cooked. But somehow they turned out great!

At first you have to rinse and scale the testicles. Divide them into slightly smaller pieces. Or well, that depends of how well hung the sheep were, maybe you don’t need to do this. But one of the testies I bought was freaking huge.

Add the pieces of testies in the coffee can, pour water into the brewer and start the coffee maker. Coffee maker cook for so-so 20 minutes. Chop up all the accessories in the meantime and prepare the guacamole.

When the testies become completely cooked, i.e. (what I think is) more grayish and spongy and less like a jelly fish, drain and rinse the disgusting stuff of from the balls. It sticks a lot of old testicular mucus which I don’t think should be there. Chop up the testies so it will become like testicular mince. Season with taco seasoning. Of course.

Heat the oil directly on the coffee maker plate and add the taco testicular mince. Coffee maker fry until the minced testies get a nice golden color. Turn off the coffee maker.

Serve the testies with whatever you want inside your testicle taco and let the Fredagsmys begin!

cooking with a coffee maker

It’s impossible not to fall in love with these!

cooking with a coffee maker

I didn’t think a testicle would have this consistency. Like a mix between chicken fillet and jelly fish.

coffee machine cuisine

Ball boiling.

cooking with a coffee maker

How to cook testicle tacos with your coffee maker!

cooking with a coffee maker

I like to have many balls in the air.

And what did it taste like? Great! I think maybe like a mix between chicken and quorn with a hint of sweaty balls. Maybe I just imagined the last part.

Photo: Dan Sörensen.

I’ve got my own cooking show!

Finally I’m allowed to tell you all what I’ve kept a secret this whole spring. I’m one of seven food profiles in Sweden that are a part of a big food project on YouTube called Food Club.

I think it’s hilarious that the other profiles are top notch food masters (with gold in the Olympic Games of food and stuff like that) and then it’s me. Only a  couple of years ago asked my friend what the cooking time of an avocado was.

I talk Swedish in all of the episodes but they are working on the subtitles as I write this. But I think you will get the hang of it anyway. It would be so cool if you will subscribe, there will be lots of fun and crazy recipes and of course all of the cats are in the show as well. You will find the trailer and two of the episodes here –


KATJA WULFF – Coffee Maker Chef/Crazy Cat Lady

Late evening yesterday (Swedish time) me and Gucci were invited to a studio in Gothenburg for an interview with Weekend Sunrise – the number one rating weekend breakfast television program in Australia. It was lots of fun (and a bit confusing sometimes due to time delay…)!

We talked about Coffee Machine Cuisine and Gucci’s blog Meowtfit of the day. I nearly exploded with happiness when I saw my title in the clip.


!!! Haha…

The fact that my name Katja Wulff is pronounced Catch a Wolf is mind blowing. Never thought of that once in my 32 year old life.

weekend sunrise

CATCH A WOLF – Coffee Maker Chef/Crazy Cat Lady

coffee machine cuisine

GUCCI THE CAT – Cat Of The Year 2013/Fashionista/It Model

cooking with a coffee maker

Outside SVT before the interview.

The return of Iggy the Cat

Whoa, some people went all bananas on different sites and forums because of the “How to cook your cat” post. Don’t know why? I can understand that Dan was slightly upset, since Iggy was his favorite cat. But for you other guys, I reckon this shouldn’t be worse than if I slaughtered a pig or a chicken.

Here are some of the comments, I had to censor the first one.

“I just read her blog “coffee machine cuisine” … She killed and cooked her cat…. I can’t find anything in that post that indicates it’s a joke either…. Crazy c*nt.” 

//Heidi Hamilton

This is my favorite.

“You are a cruel, mean and disgusting human who does not deserve the affection of an animal or to be allowed to have pets! I will I hope one day that someone comes up to you and holds you at gun point so you have “scared little eyes” and shoots you to put in a stew. I know you’re probably dans favourite girlfriend but if he’s as heartless as you are “he will get over it””

//G. A. Aka batshit* crazy cat lady

Interesting point there miss G.A. Do you have a recipe of human stew that I can forward to Dan? Maybe he and one of his other girlfriends (that he probably likes slightly less) can have a coffee maker cooked stew feast.

No, this can’t go on. This is supposed to be a feel-god blog, I definitely don’t want to become a stew, and since Dan misses Iggy a lot there is only one right thing to do…

…The Pet Sematary thing.

* I added that.

cooking with your coffee maker

It’s alive!

OMG it worked! We sacrificed a chicken (that someone else shot) and whoopie doo – Iggy came back from the dead.

cooking with a coffee maker

Here’s the chicken that someone else murdered but that we bought and sacrificed to the other side.

Now the family is all back together again. Well, the best parts of this family that is. Dan’s other girlfriends weren’t invited to the reunion.

cooking with a coffee maker

My little darling! It’s so nice to eat MEET you again.

cooking with a coffee maker

Zappa was happy to see Iggy again.

cooking with a coffee maker

On our way back home. Don’t worry, Gucci is sleeping in the yellow bag… OR IS SHE?

Ironically Iggy almost died again just after the last photo was taken. This idiot walked his dog on the cemetery WITHOUT A LEASH (that’s forbidden here). Madness. That disgusting dog tried to attack the cats and I almost sacrificed my life to save them (so we’re like even now, right?).

Dog owners are frekkin crazy people. Ugh. KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEASH FFS.

Photo: Dan Sörensen.